Why Should a Business Track Reviews?

Independent customer reviews reveal significant information about a business. Most reviews are of a positive nature, which indicates a business is doing well. Satisfied customers means a high-quality product, excellent services, professionalism, and great value for the money. Some are mediocre which means there is room for improvement in certain areas. The food at a restaurant, for example, may be fantastic but the service was slow. Reviewers tend to be honest and provide both positive and negative aspects of the experience, the service, the product, or the store. Bad reviews can mean a cheap product, terrible service, or be the result of a problem the customer did not bring to the attention of management.

Tracking reviews serve many functions for a business. The first is that the business can highlight glowing reviews on the website. Most websites include testimonials, but placing an independent review on the site as well improves credibility. It can also include a link to the independent site for customers to follow up on as reference. Another function is to provide insights into where improvements can be made. That restaurant with the slow service may be able to alter the schedule to have more help at different times to speed up the process in the kitchen or get food to tables faster. That may mean two more waiters, an additional sous chef, or a second bartender for the lunch crowd.

Review tracking also provides the opportunity for the business to respond to negative reviews by engaging with the customer who is not satisfied. One bad review can do a significant amount of damage to a business. Most customers check review sites before making purchases, eating out, or getting their vehicles serviced. Rectifying a problem quickly can result in the customer deleting a bad review, or posting an update to share how the business addressed the concern. A tracking platform, such as Chatmeter, can help businesses benefit more from online reviews. Monitoring of review sites, reports, and alerts to bad reviews can make tracking easier and more comprehensive. Free demonstrations are available for a variety of platforms designed for businesses with multiple locations.